How does Chase 14 ensure an ingrained company culture for safety?

"Chase 14 utilizes a trilateral approach to safety with guidance and company literature presented from all points of view... a company position, a safety representative position and also from the point of view of the worker. We feel this approach empowers our staff to be critical thinkers with safety at the forefront of every decision made without fear of reproach."

What is the Chase 14 company protocal in regards to safety?

"Before starting work at any job site, a pre-meeting with the client to ensure all safety requirements can be met (like first aid, fall protection, confined space entry, etc), we then forward all of our worker safety certifications. A mandatory job site orientation is completed for all workers on site, a pre-job hazard assessment (PJHA) is completed, followed by daily field level risk assessments (FLRA) – which identify the tasks being done, the hazards that could be encountered, and the control measures implemented to control the hazards. The FLRA is updated each time the conditions change on the job, any condition; could be environmental (meaning if it starts to rain new hazards need to be identified and controls put in place), if new workers come on site, if additional equipment is brought on site, etc. Certainly in the pre-job meetings all aspects of safety are covered off like the emergency response plan which includes all emergency phones numbers, identifying first aid stations and personnel, muster points, required standard and specialized PPE (personal protection equipment)."

What is the Chase 14 company history of incidents?

"We have had no reportable incidents since the inception of the company, not sure how many days, we simply report a safety index (0.0 YTD) and it is calculated each month based on hours worked and discussed at monthly safety meetings."